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Whether it's your first time working with a digital agency or you're just scoping us out for a future project or partnership, we hope you find the answers to any project, branding, web design or digital marketing questions below.

  • What kind of digital agency are you?

  • What type of clients do you work with?

    We love working with people who want to do great things.

    We've worked with a variety of clients of different sizes, in different industries, markets and sectors. We've done as much with our corporate clients as we have with the fun and creative ones. The amount of research we carry out before doing any work, and our attention to detail, means we can help many different types of clients.

    We like to forge lasting partnerships with people and businesses with vision, who want to be the best, take over their industry, make the world a better place and improve people's lives. If we don't think we're a good match, we'll be the first to pipe up.

  • What do you specialise in?

    Multi-focus projects that require digital strategy.

    Everything a business does now is connected in every imaginable way. From the design of your website or the tone of your social media communications to speaking with people over the phone or writing content, people have expectations of what you do and how you do it. They want consistency and we thrive in helping businesses to build brands that achieve that goal.

    When we work with clients, we're looking at the short term, the long term and everything inbetween so that we can deliver the most cost effective branding, web and digital marketing projects possible. This, as well as our research and insight led approach helps us avoid failed projects and unhappy clients.

  • Do you outsource projects?

    Not in 'that' way.

    Some agencies are happy to farm any part of a project out to overseas companies that they have limited control over. That's what most people understand outsourcing to be and we'll never work that way.

    The majority of the work we carry out, that other agencies would outsource, is done by our own team of learners as part of the Square One Digital Academy. From time to time we will work with other companies and freelancers to ensure we never miss a deadline. We consider them to be trusted partners, rather than cheap outsourcing opportunities to increase profit margins.

  • Where are you based and do you work remotely?

    Down south, in Littlehampton, Sussex. We work however our clients want us to.

    We're a modern agency and we don't believe that unnecessary and expensive overheads are a good indication of the quality work an agency can produce. Other agencies make their clients foot those bills, we'd rather deliver extra value to ours.

    We work with clients all over the world and deliver fantastic results for them. We do our best to ensure that long distance relationships are kept as fresh as possible through video communication. We're also happy to visit clients wherever they are in the world - because we value the relationships we build with clients.

  • How do you ensure your projects are successful?

    We get answers to questions before they're asked.

    Many projects go wrong because assumptions, on both sides, are allowed to go unchecked. As a result, projects are often destined to fail long before they've even begun. Sometimes, as the client, you're not sure what direction is best to go in, but it's our job and responsibility to make sure that you're in a fully informed position from the start.

    It's our responsibility to understand your team, your business and its objectives. Our approach follows four key steps: inform, discuss, plan and finally implementation. This allows our expertise and experience to be combined with your industry knowledge, helping us to plan for and avoid any possible future issues.

  • We don't know what we need, can you help?


    We don't see ourselves as "the website people" or the "branding people". We're the "Let's smash your business goals people". We're much more interested in planning a full digital strategy and growing your entire online presence than just one off projects, because we can deliver a lot more value in that role.

    Because we're always looking to forge lasting partnerships with clients, we're interested in the past, present and future of your business. We want to understand what you're trying to achieve and why, so that we can help you get where you want to be. In order to do that we have to know you and your business inside and out and that puts us in the perfect position to help you know what needs to happen next and put you in a position to make informed decisions. It's a partnership, it's not just about us telling you what you should do.

  • How are you different?

    Our care and commitment.

    We know that a lot of our competitors treat their clients badly and the only thing they're good at is being unreliable. It's an unregulated industry and that will always come with people trying to take advantage. But we also know we have a lot of great competition out there, but many are traditionally run, and as a result are very expensive to work with. We also know a lot of companies grow too quickly and struggle to do their best for all of their clients.

    Square One Digital is a modern company that wants to outlive its founders. To do that, a great reputation is needed. We want to be known as the agency you go to for the consistency of high quality work, fair pricing and a great overall customer experience. From being a jargon free agency to giving back to the community and offering a more personal, less profit margin obsessed approach to client and project management, this is how we're different.

  • How do you treat clients?

    With respect.

    Our perspective is that ultimately you're the boss and we know that the happier you are, the more opportunities will come our way. We want a strong and decent reputation for ourselves, which means that we're basically not allowed to be arse holes to clients. We want everyone we work with to be happy and feel like they can trust us, so we're prepared to go the extra mile.

    We're only interested in lasting partnerships with our clients. Like you, we get no satisfaction from being dictated to and understand that a partnership consists of two way communication and respect on both sides. We won't tolerate rude or disrespectful people and we'll do everything in our power to make sure that you never feel disappointed by anything we've said or done.

  • Branding & Identity Design

  • Brands and logos, what's the difference and which one do we need?

    Brands are for successful businesses.

    When we talk about a brand we're looking at the entire experience one person can have when engaging with a business on any front. Whether that's in person, over the phone, through the website or social media channels they expect a level of consistency that's not achieveable by simply creating a logo.

    Engagement, aesthetic, commitment and identity are the four key elements of a solid brand. A brand is a living entity that customers, clients, team members, investors, everyone want to get to know. How should marketing materials look, how should the brand react to certain situations, what can people expect from it? These are all easy questions to answer when you have a brand in place, but they're not easy or cheap to build. WHich one you need depends on the vision you have for your business.

  • Do you listen to client ideas and input?


    Our view is that a brand identity is based on the vision of the people in charge of the business. Our role is to turn the raw concepts, put forward by us or yourselves, into professional works of art.

    The more engagement and feedback from clients, the better our work is. Neither us or great design on its own are a substitute for the values of your business, so we think it's pretty important that client ideas and input are fully taken on board.

  • How can you guarantee we'll end up with something we'll love?

    Truthfully? We can't, but bear with us...

    You will love what others hate and vice versa, but that's the point of branding, to appeal to a specific audience. Great brands achieve two things, attraction to the right audience and a high level of visual appeal. It's possible to have a fantastic looking brand but if the people you're selling to don't agree, your brand has failed.

    Our approach focuses on defining the audience and aligning our goals with you, the client. When we're on the same page and have achieved absolute clarity in terms of the objective, it becomes much easier to deliver a brand that looks great and appeals to the right people. We're aware that the average success rate for branding projects is quite low, thankfully ours aren't. In fact, we've usually delivered the successful concept by the first or second round.

  • Should we consider a full rebrand?

    If it's holding your business back, then yes.

    How do you know if your brand is holding your business back? If you're asking the question, you need to look outside of your inner circle for the answer. Even if you think you know the answer, do you have real proof or is it just your opinion? Branding is a tricky concept to understand, many business owners struggle to understand the difference between a brand and a logo, so there's a very real chance that you're not the best person to answer this question.

    Have you ever had to rely on marketing materials that you know aren't up to scratch? It's a painful experience, knowing that no matter how good you are, the brand lets you and the company down because it doesn't instil enough confidence to close the sale or deal. If you're unsure on how to proceed, speak to professionals (we're always happy to discuss branding), tell them your goals and ask them to walk you through what they think is wrong with your brand as it is now.

  • Web Design & Development

  • Should we get a new website or update/upgrade the old one?

    It depends on how much you need to invest to bring make your vision a reality.

    We've got to look at a couple of factors here, but usually it's a case of is the current website falling apart and what sort of lifespan does it have left? If you're not using a CMS, you need to consider that. If you are using a CMS, and it was a custom build, it's usually better to move to a platform that isn't tied to one development team. The exception here is if you've invested £10k+ into a bespoke platform.

    Clients often think that a new build costs a lot more than making upgrades to an existing site but often the opposite is true. When developers work on code they haven't written, they have to understand how it was built and many developers write code in their own sort of dialect, making it time consuming for others to understand it. If you've got a bespoke system and you fall out with the developers or they close down, you're stuck, and this situation is more common than you think. Talk to a professional and get them to run you through an overview of your site as it is now.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    It depends on the size of the project.

    The two biggest factors that affect development time project complexity and client communication. The requirements of a complex project can be understood and factored into any time frames given. Unfortunately we don't know how quick clients are going to get back to us at every stage throughout the project.

    As a rough guide it usually takes 3-5 weeks to build a well branded brochure website. You can add another week for e-commerce websites but more bespoke projects tend to add another couple of weeks depending on how complex the requirements are. We do offer a rush service that shaves will reduce development time by one third, but this will cost an additional 33%.

  • We don't know what we want or how websites work, can you help?


    It can be hard if it's your first website, but we've got you covered, especially if you're looking to start digital marketing and need to be able to monitor web traffic. Whatever your goals are we can help you understand the technologies available at our disposal and how they can help you.

  • Can you create content for our new website?

    We sure can.

    Whether it's copy for the website, blog posts, video or other visual content we can help you determine the purpose of each content item and how best to approach it.

  • Are there extra costs involved in running a website?

    Web hosting, domain names and more frequently SSL certificates.

    We always offer fixed prices for the projects we work on, so you don't need to worry about unexpected bills. Your website will need somewhere to live, so that people can see it online. That's where web hosting comes in, and it's easy to make a bad decision here that could really hurt you in the future. We offer hassle free web hosting starting from £15 per month. Our mid level plan is for websites that handle a lot of traffic and have higher security, reliability and support needs. These plans start at £65 per month.

    Domain names vary in cost but .co.uk domains typically cost around £7 per year and com domains come in at around £10 per year. SSL certificates protect sensitive data taken by the website and stop browsers from displaying warning messages to users, which will definitely scare them away. A basic certificate (ideal for most) will cost no more than £50 per year.

  • Can we make changes to the website ourselves?

    Yeah, it's really easy.

    Before we begin building your website we'll work with you to understand how you want to be able to work with your site content after launch. Once we know what you need, you'll be shown how to make edits with our advanced content editing system. It's really easy to use, it doesn't even require training.

  • Do you build WordPress sites?

    Yes. In fact, we usually only build WordPress sites.

    WordPress websites account for around 60% of all CMS websites and around 30% of all websites on the internet. It's one of the most flexible platforms available. Whether you need a basic brochure website or a more capable marketing ready website, WordPress can handle it. We know that some people still think it's the poor man's choice - but we know they're wrong. It's an incredibly powerful system that even Fortune 500 companies are using.

    Whilst we can work with other systems, it's usually as part of a larger transition to a new website platform. Try not to get too hung up on which platform to use, it's more important that the company you choose to work with know what they're doing. We live and breath WordPress development.

  • Aren't WordPress sites amateurish and low end?

    Without a shadow of a doubt, no.

    The best (and worst) thing about WordPress is that it's a platform that scales unbelievably well. For example, you can spend £300 and have a student build you a new WordPress site. It won't be good, at all, but it will be a working website. Equally, you'll find high end development agencies using it to build sites for international corporations. They'll probably be charging closer to £300 an hour but you get the point.

    WordPress isn't like most other platforms that focus on a smaller area of the market. Lots of people make the mistake of hiring an amateur web developer and then blame WordPress when it stops working. That's the developers fault, you just have to make sure you're working with professionals.

  • Do you include training?


    Remote training is free for up to two people and covers how to navigate the website as well as how to update content. At the beginning of the project we'll discuss what parts of the site you want to be able to edit and how often. We work with a system that makes it easy for us to build interfaces that anyone, even without technical knowledge, can use to make the necessary changes to their website.

    The amount of training we provide scales with the size of the project, at no additional cost. We're happy to provide additional services for larger teams or those needing on-site training.

  • Will my website look good on mobiles and tablets as well?

    Oh yes.

    Every site we build is optimised for mobiles and tablets. If the majority of your users access your site from a smartphone or tablet, it makes sense to optimise the site for those users instead of desktop users. Everyone can have a great experience on your new site.

  • Will I need to replace my website in 1-2 years time?


    Our sites are built to a high standard and we don't rely on plug-ins to meet your technical requirements. Our sites, with a little bit of maintenance can easily last five years or more. You shouldn't see your website as a one off investment, it's something that grows with your business and the amount of traffic it receives. Bigger and more complex sites need more attention and it's always best to have a maintenance plan in place to keep everything safe and secure.

  • What should we do about web hosting or domain names?

    Talk to us before you sort that out.

    It's really important to make sure that you get decent web hosting. For the amount of hassle that's involved in dealing with poor support, it's honestly not worth dealing with the cheapest hosting companies. We know because we used to be in that position and many of our clients switched to us for this reason. We provide highly reliable and effective web hosting services at affordable prices, so just take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

    There are a lot of outdated domain providers out there who's systems are very limiting and can cause complications if you sign up with a particularly bad one. Many charge their customers a lot more (some times triple) than they should. If you've got 50 domains, those costs soon start adding up.

  • Digital Marketing

  • How long does it take to start seeing results?

    You can get quick wins within the first four months.

    Quick wins are activities that result in small but real increases in traffic, sales or leads. Realistically, if you're going for a high value national or global search phrase such as "best washing machine brand", it could take years. Those looking for results locally can typically expect significant improvements within 4 - 8 months, depending on how competitive the industry is. Naturally, drone operators will have an easier time than accountants.

    We recommend going for the quick wins first, whether you're working with us, someone else or even doing it yourself. At least then you can keep track of and balance your return on investment.

  • We don't know anything about digital marketing, can you help?


    The key to making sales and getting leads online is knowing your industry and understanding how to get results through digital marketing. Our involvement typically consists of extracting the right information from you and then presenting you with a cost effective strategy that will see your business grow. It doesn't matter if we've never sold flowers or cars before, as long as you know how your industry works we can help you get results.

    Even if you haven't mastered your trade or industry, there's still a lot we can do to help.

  • How does the process work?

    We start with the Digital Marketing Launch Pad

    What we don't want to do is make a load of promises and then fail to deliver. We understand that's how other agencies operate but we want to stand out as the agency that can be trusted to do the right thing, even if it means we don't end up with a new client. We'd rather that than sell false hope.

    Starting with our Digital Marketing Launch Pad service, which typically involves carrying out an audit of all online activity and seeks to highlight issues that need resolving and any quick wins that we can find to boost leads or sales. We'll also spend time setting up systems to help track site traffic more effectively and carry out Search Engine Optimisation on a number of key pages. There's no long term commitment involved and no huge up front costs. At the end we'll present you with a Ne

    When you're happy with the results we've shown you, we typically look to transition into a quarterly digital marketing plan, that will see us We look to then transition into an ongoing quarterly plan and you'll be presented with a "Next Steps" action plan that outlines how we would deliver further results and any the costs involved.

  • Fully Managed Website and Email Hosting

  • How is hosting important to my business?

    It's the difference between having peace of mind and craving it.

    Good hosting is there for you when you need it with reassuring technical support and far fewer incidents in the first place. Cheap hosting (less than £10 per month) is only really viable for sites that receive fewer than 500 visitors per month. If you rely on your site to generate either leads or sales then it pays to have good hosting. What is one lead worth to you, or a day of sales? If your site goes down or you get hacked because your site isn't secure then you could stand to lose a lot.

    What could go wrong with cheap hosting? Well, to list a few situations we've had to help clients recover from:

    • Having your website blacklisted and removed from all search engines
    • Losing all of your emails
    • Having the only copy of your e-commerce sales data wiped
    • Losing the latest (expensive) upgrades made to your website
    • Losing your entire website and having to start from scratch
    • Realising your site was covertly hacked and sends all visitors from Google to adult websites.
    • Getting used to support that take forever trying to solve basic problems.
  • What is managed hosting?

    It's where we take care of everything for you.

    We want our clients to be able to focus on growing their business, not worrying about their website, learning how to do it all themselves or breaking things and worrying about getting it fixed.

    If you already have a website and email accounts elsewhere, we'll migrate it all for free and get you fully set up on the new hosting. We also provide you with a dedicated support technician for your account and offer a friendly and personal support service.

  • Do we have to host with you?

    No, but it will be easier for everyone involved.

    There are so many things that can stop your website from working properly. By having us handle your web design project and web hosting, we can make sure that your website works perfectly with the server its going to be hosted on. This, along with everything else we do, helps us deliver a completely hassle free experience to our clients.

    If you want to host your website elsewhere then that's fine. We are happy to provide recommendations and help however possible. We'll give you the files for your new website but it will be up to your hosting provider to make sure it's setup and working properly.

  • Can't we just do it ourselves?

    You can, but why would you want to?

    Successful business owners stick to what they're best at, and that's usually not web hosting. Spending time learning the basics of web hosting isn't a good use of anyone's time, unless they offer web hosting as a service! If you have an internal IT department, that's different.

    We don't want you to have to spen hours trying to solve problems that could have been fixed in a matter of minutes. We're here to help and ready to give you all the support you need.

  • How easy is it to leave if we don't like your service?

    You are free to leave whenever you like.

    If a client wants to leave us, it's most likely because we've done something wrong - so why should our clients have to suffer for that? Should the sad day come we'll do everything we can to help make the transition as easy as possible.

  • How do we get in touch if something goes wrong?

    Phone, email, Skype, Slack, SMS it's entirely up to you.

    Running a managed service means having someone there to talk to when you need them. Not in a few days or weeks. However you prefer to contact us, we'll be on hand to help.

    The reason why we can be so relaxed about handling support is that most of the time, especially where we have built the website, there are simply no issues to deal with. But, whether your site gets hacked, you accidentally break the website, just have a few questions or need to talk to us about something else, we'll be ready and waiting.

  • Will my site be taken offline if we exceed any limits?

    Absolutely not.

    The only time your site gets turned off is if you stop paying your invoices. All plans above the "starter" plan are priced on the amount of visitors to your site each month. If you go over, you'll just receive a slightly higher bill than usual, there are no hard limits that will cause your website to be taken offline.

  • Can you handle hosting for larger websites and businesses?

    Yes, but only those built on WordPress.

    We specialise in building WordPress websites, so it makes sense for us to specialise in providing web hosting that best supports the WordPress platform. Our hosting partner, WP Engine, provide one of the best hosting platforms in the world, to over 50,000 customers. They host some of the biggest names and boast an array of speed, security and management features that you won't find elsewhere.

    WP Engine provide the hardware, we provide the service through our fully managed hosting plans. We take care of everything setting up new email infrastructure, migrating the old data and providing any necessary training. You don't ever need to worry about your site being switched off and we're always on hand if you need help.

  • How we Handle Payment

  • Do we offer discounts to charities and NPO's?

    Yes, we do.

    We're very passionate about giving back to our community and helping people that want to do good things. Whether you're fighting the good fight locally, nationally or even internationally then we'd love to discuss how we can help.