Branding & Identity Design

Brands are like people, with their own unique set of personalities, quirks, behaviours and values. We define these elements and implement them consistently throughout your business' marketing materials.

Does your brand engage with the right people? Defining your audience, understanding their expectations and how they think is important to every business. We apply this knowledge into every element of your new brand and identity style.

Understanding Your Audience

There's more to branding than making things look good. Having a nice logo or a well designed set of marketing materials is a good first step but once you reach a certain point, you need to consider what effect collateral has on the people you want to do business with.

Profiling the audience your business serves is how you create a strong brand that helps rather than hinders. By outlining exactly what type of people your business engages with we can tailor your brand to match their expectations. A combination of industry knowledge, branding expertise and audience analysis brings us closer to being able to properly connect with and improve the quality of communication between your business and its customers or clients.

Discovery & Planning

Defining the purpose, audience and growth expectations of a business is how we build successful brands. Branding is about connecting with the right people and giving them the information they need in a format that they can enjoy quickly and easily. Focusing more on how people perceive your business, we'll look at the following:

  • Understanding the audience your business currently has
  • Researching new audience types to target as your business grows
  • Documenting the profile and demographics of each audience member types
  • Understanding requirements through joint exploration and analysis of branding and design

Thorough planning ensures all round happiness and success at the end of a project, paving the way for a great and long lasting digital partnership that will see us help you grow your business exponentially.

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Client Centric Process

We place you at the heart of our branding process and believe that the final brand and resulting identity is vastly improved when a deep and meaningful dialogue with the client has taken place. With every opportunity to refine and express your thoughts it becomes very difficult to end up with something you don't like.

We base every design around two things, a concept and its execution. Concepts, in their rawest form, can be constructed by anyone; it's an idea, a thought, a spark of the imagination. The execution of a concept is where professional design comes in to play. Some of our best work has come from the analysis and deconstruction of a concept originally ruled out by our client - they couldn't see the hidden gem.

Feedback and Iteration

Great design is developed over time, as it becomes tailored to the needs of your content and business, the same is just as true for branding. We take an iterative approach starting at the concept level and then working in rounds to tweak, refine and explore each concept to its fullest potential.

We get involved on an emotional and professional level but in a joint capacity. It's as much our baby as it is yours and we want to do everything possible to make sure that you're as happy with it as we are.

Brand Success & Client Satisfaction

A brand is a visual statement of who and what your business is. Our goal is to establish and adhere to the identity of your brand. We keep personal opinions out of the equation to ensure that the end result is something that reflects the values and expectations of the people your business wants to serve.

Our only priorities are to keep you happy and work hard to ensure a great end result that will serve your business for decades to come.

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