Digital Marketing & Strategy

Creating a seamless and optimised journey through every stage of your online presence, this is how smart businesses succeed. We can help you find and take full advantage of new opportunities to grow your business.

Is the online world everything you hoped it would be? Avoid becoming disillusioned by implementing an insight and research driven digital strategy that connects, optimises and enhances every element of your online presence.

Engage With Your Audience

It has never been easier to connect with and get feedback from the people who matter most to your business; your customers and clients. We help build communication channels between you and your target audience, putting you in a position to understand how they want to engage with you, on what terms and why. These insights will form the basis of a comprehensive and ongoing digital strategy that will improve your online success and grow your business.

Those same insights also help us understand what new content your users are likely to be interested in. Whether they're new site pages, interactive content, blog posts or transcribed videos, it all works together to generate new traffic to the site and convert them into customers/enquiries when they get there.

Online Presence Management

Your website plays a huge role in how well you do online. It should be the corner stone of a good digital strategy, but there are other ways people can find out about you and your business. Whether it's through search engines, business directories, social media or review sites, we can help you make sure your brand or business is shown in a positive light that helps people want to engage with you instead of competitors.

If you're just starting out a new business, we focus on making sure you're visible to the right people in the right places. For established companies, we focus on trying to understand where you're currently visible and what we can do to improve your credibility, authority and trustworthiness.

Research & Discovery

We carry out comprehensive research and discovery to make sure we're going down the path most likely to generate the results you want, without wasting time on dead end marketing activities. We start by developing a comprehensive understanding of your target audience through a series of processes that combine everything we know about the digital world with your expertise in the industries and sectors you operate in.

Gathering knowledge on the platforms, technologies and channels your customers or clients use and how they interact with search engines gives us everything we need to know which search phrases will yield the best results with the least investment.

High Value Content Creation

Typically, content is used to engage with people who are already on the site. We specialise in creating content around a focused digital strategy that combines great content that users want with optimisation for search engines to generate traffic to the website. Optimising content for both users and search engines is a winning strategy that will help your business grow substantially.

From blog posts to video, thought leadership, guides and articles, illustrated content and more, we can help you build a great digital marketing strategy.

Insight & Data Driven Approach

Guessing at how to make your business succeed online is for suckers who like wasting money. Before "doing" we must learn. Every strategy we put forward is based on research and knowledge that unlocks the ability to know what's going to work and what isn't. Our strategies help you understand:

  • Which marketing channels send the most people to your site
  • How each marketing channels compare in performance
  • What about your website is or isn't doing well at converting people into customers
  • Where and how your site can be improved
  • How successful your social strategy is and what needs to change
  • How people try to interact with your website via video replays that show cursor movement and more
  • Which blog topics are doing well and why
  • And, a lot more...

Need help understanding what direction to take your business in?

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