Project Planning & Management

Is your business making the most of its potential as a brand? We plan and implement strategies that connect your customers to engaging digital experiences that grow interest in your brand.

What's the best way for your business to grow? This is the question we can help you answer. A strong understanding of your business currently, its past and what it wants to become is the foundation of any successful digital strategy.

Learning About Your Business

Establishing a deep understanding of your business ensures the relevancy of the strategy we put forward and how we carry it out. Charging ahead without clear objectives and understanding exactly what is and isn't possible within the realms of digital services is the best way to waste your time and money.

We reduce project risk by working with you to explore, create and define a combined vision through our discovery process. In the initial phase we'll look to understand more about:

  • The history of the business
  • Where it's at now
  • What you want it to achieve in the future
  • Why people should choose your business
  • The stakeholders and their requirements
  • The audience and how you engage them
  • Overall business challenges

Planning Your New Project

Guesswork is not a friend of successful projects. We discuss and explore your project requirements in detail to ensure that we're all on the same page and know how to proceed. From the visual look and feel to information architecture, content creation and technical specifications, we'll guide you through each element of your project.

To help ensure realistic expectations and that we can give you exactly what you want, on time and within budget, we'll do the following:

  • Create inspiration boards for each project element
  • Work with stakeholders to analyse each board
  • Collect feedback to determine the right visual direction
  • Analyse competitors, their brands and digital strategies
  • Discuss and outline technical requirements in detail
  • Discuss timeframes and any deadlines

Presenting a New Strategy

Successful projects correctly address the balancing act between deliverables, time frame, cost and quality. Depending on the complexity of the project, development can also throw up a lot of questions and when there are many involved elements it can be difficult to know what to prioritise.

They key goal of the discovery phase is to put you in a position where you can make a fully informed decision on how to take your project forward with minimal risk and maximum value for money. At the end of discovery you'll be present with:

  • An outline of our combined and overall vision for the project
  • A defined visual direction governing the look and feel of each project deliverable
  • Optimised for desktop and mobile devices, meaning that all site visitors receive a great experience

Why do Discovery?

Success comes from the execution of a strategy created through proper planning and an understanding of the business environment you operate within. Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses, putting us in a great position to advise on what is and isn't going to work, greatly increasing the chances of project success.

It's also a great chance to give us a try as your potential new digital partners. No matter what happens you'll come away from this process with a series of documents that outline a clear strategy and way forward for your business.

Need help understanding what direction to take your business in?