Fully Managed & Stress Free Web Hosting

We understand the frustrations in dealing with out of touch hosting companies. We exist to offer you a better alternative, delivering fast, reliable and secure web hosting that includes good old fashioned customer support with genuine people you can trust.

The Digital Agency Way

We're not just a hosting company, we come from a different world, where good communication and strong client relations are a bare minimum. We've experienced dozens of hosting companies over the years and found most to be lacking. We are a genuine partner that's got your back with truly hassle free web hosting.

Our Mission

It's a sad fact that over half of our clients came to us wanting to escape a neglectful web host, they were digital refugees, and we've heard many stories. Focus on your business, not hosting problems. Say goodbye to outsourced "experts". Stop expecting absurd charges. Our mission is to do better.

A Personal Experience

We don't like the faceless approach to customer and technical support. When you join us, you'll get to know our team on a first name basis and be assigned your own support guru. They'll become familiar with your needs and look after you by implementing preventative measures to avoid problems from ever arising.

Guidance and Support

We know that most hosting companies are seens as a commodity rather than partners that add value to their business. It doesn't have to be that way. From helping you to understand the nature of web security to making sure that your web hosting can handle any surge of visitors after a marketing campaign, we can help.

We'll Never Lose Our Way

We've seen plenty of companies start off with a fantastic service and lots of success, that fail to maintain their high standards as the business grows. We pledge to never be that company. We will continuously evaluate the service we provide and seek feedback on a regular basis to ensure that you're always happy.

A Refund & £50 If You're Unhappy

In our experience, you site owners don't ask for much. You want your site to stay online, have peace of mind and to be given answers to questions. So, if we fail to deliver on our promises and as a result you decide to leave us after your first two months, we'll give you a full refund and an extra £50 to say sorry.

Six Reasons to Host Your Website With Us


Your Money Back

If we fail to deliver and you want to leave us after your first two months, we'll give you a full refund and £50.


FREE Migration

We'll move your website and emails to our servers free of charge with our "zero downtime" migration service.


Growth Partners

We're a full service digital agency with the experience and expertise needed to help your business grow.


Scales to Fit All Sizes

From 1 to 150k monthly visitors, our service scales effortlessly to meet your needs and expectations.


Personal Service

Get to know our team on a first name basis. Talk to us by phone, email, Skype, Slack or SMS.


Leave Whenever

Pay monthly? Cover the current month and you're free to go. Pay yearly? Get a refund on unused months.

Web Hosting for Businesses of All Sizes

No matter what size your business is, we can help. If you can't find the right hosting plan for your business, get in touch and we'll create one around your requirements. Lone wolves, small teams, large businesses, we've got you've covered with a scalable service that suits your needs.

Great customer experience with every plan.

Every plan we offer benefits from the same high level of customer service that forms the backbone of our web hosting services. Get to know our team, form a partnership that you feel comfortable relying on. No more cycles of never ending problems and no more waiting forever to speak to someone that can actually help.

Scales effortlessly with your business.

We've worked hard to create a system that allows our clients to easily transition from any plan to another. Hosting with us means you never have to go through a painful transition period when your website and traffic doubles, triples or quadruples in size and value. We can handle as many visitors as you can throw at us, no problem.

Our Web Hosting Plans

Compare Our Plans

We have plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Discover which plan is the right one for you and your business with our in-depth hosting plan and feature comparison table below.


£15 p/m


£45 p/m


£95 p/m

Monthly Visits Up to 1k 1k - 10k 10k - 50k+
Platform Any WordPress WordPress
Website Storage 3GB 5GB 7GB
Content Storage - 75GB 150GB+
Bandwidth 5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Max Email Accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Storage 2GB 5GB 10GB
Personalised Support
FREE Setup Advice
Separate Email Server -
Split Email Delivery -
24/7 Support -
Staging Server -
PHP 7 Ready -
FREE Hack Repair -
Client Dashboard -
FREE G Suite Setup -
GeoTarget Enabled - -

Additional Services

As growth partners we support businesses looking to expand with a range of email, web, DNS and hosting services. From bespoke email solutions to zero downtime DNS and domain management or continuous site/core/plug-in maintenance to branding, web development digital marketing and more. Get in touch to find out more about how we can support your growing business.

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