Creating the Brand

Serenity was a brand new company at the time we got involved, with only the brand name and a temporary logo in place. As a care company, it was important for Serenity to have a trustworthy and professional appearance, but they also wanted to stand out from others in their industry and show that they offer a bespoke people-focused service. We went with a colour palette that struck just the right balance between bold and soft that, when combined with hand-drawn elements, represented their friendly and personable approach. We gave their existing logo a complete refresh to better align with their goals and the new identity, but also to stand out amongst a sea of competitors who have either struggled or failed to create their own strong identity. 



Our brief was quite difficult, we had to create something that represented the care industry but without straying too far from what people are looking for in a care company. Competitors had opted for almost every possible combination of homes, houses, hands and hearts which didn’t leave much left to experiment with. 

We worked with the Serenity team to find new ways of incorporating those and similar elements into the brand. We ended up combining a heart, with a smile and three people to represent happy, cared for people who knew they were going to be well looked after.


Design & Development of the Website

Serenity needed a website that would allow them to showcase their services and attract talented people to expand their experienced team. We created a contemporary and easy-to-use brochure website which will allow Serenity to present themselves effortlessly to new clients and team members. 


Branded Artwork & Print Design

We were asked to create a branded exhibition banner and flyer for an upcoming recruitment event Serenity was attending. With a fast turnaround time required, we created the designs which reflected the new brand perfectly and arranged printing and delivery through our partners right on time!

Ongoing Partnership

As Serenity’s dedicated growth partner, our goal is to support them through any key challenges affecting the business and unlocking higher levels of sustainable growth.

Our next big challenge will be to help them build a strategy to overcome their recruitment challenges; something every business in the care sector is struggling with right now.

We’re confident we can help because Serenity, and we’ve seen this for ourselves, are a caring team who genuinely want the best experiences for their team and clients. They also pay well, helping them to genuinely differentiate their offer from other competitors.

Check back in the future to find out how our efforts helped overcome their current recruitment difficulties.

Us in a Nutshell

Aimee Cox

Five Star Rating
I love my new website from Square One! Sean and the team worked closely with me to understand what I wanted.

Michala Rutherford

Founder & Director, Rutherfords
Five Star Rating
I'd been really let down by a previous company. Sean and his team were a breath of fresh air! THANK YOU GUYS!

Shirlie Roden

Singer, Songwriter & Author
Five Star Rating
Square One were keen to spend time and effort understanding every aspect of my project. A delight to work with.

David Roylance

Performance Coach
Five Star Rating
Their work is always great and they have the expert knowledge to justify standing their ground and being absolutely right!

Josie Kelly

Director, Vivacious Events
Five Star Rating
The work Sean and Square One produced looked great, was cost effective and really helped us look professional.

Rafael Dery

Software Developer, Radykal
Five Star Rating
The Square One team are ambitious and very knowledgeable about creating great user interfaces.

Adam Lazarus

Sportswriter & Author
Five Star Rating
These guys are hard workers and very knowledgeable about web design, SEO, and performance!

Martin Ellis

Head Organiser, Sussex Day
Five Star Rating
They really understood the brief, working quickly and effectively to come up with unique and creative concepts.

Howard Walwyn

Director, Prism Clarity
Five Star Rating
Experts in WordPress, hosting, design, caring about you and responding promptly and professionally. Highly recommended!

Jimmy Craik

Sales Executive, Steadlands
Five Star Rating
Nothing but a pleasure to work with, they always go above and beyond the call of duty.

Louise James

Proto Restaurant Group
Five Star Rating
They're very helpful, reliable, and excellent in their knowledge about all things website and hosting related.

Gavin Sandells

CEO & Founder, Vanuse
Five Star Rating
Their collaborative nature and experience really helped us deliver a strong MVP to market, on time and on budget.








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