Business Planning That Creates Confidence & Predictability

Running a business should be fun, it can’t be without proper planning and proper strategy guiding the decision making processes.

Faith is a powerful motivator, especially in the beginning, but every business reaches a level where confidence must exist for operations to keep running smoothly. That’s what our planning services do, they stop you needing to rely on faith.

We have a range of expertise to help you define the perfect business for you, or to help you plan and execute a successful launch strategy.

What You Can Expect:

  • Bespoke and tailored business concept creation
  • Thorough concept iteration and refinement
  • A flexible, all-in or modular approach to planning
  • Experts who won’t cut corners or take shortcuts
  • Kind and caring experts who guide and support
  • Unlock absolute confidence in targets and objectives

Business Concept & Planning Pricing

  • Career Crossroads Workshop


    Stuck? Lost? Uncertain? Confused? Panicking? Let us help you figure out your next steps by analysing your current situation, strengths, weaknesses, assets, expectations and goals. We’ll give you a clear path forward and help you for as long as you need us.

  • Business Concept Exploration & Refinement


    So you’ve got some business ideas, but you feel like you’re missing pieces to the puzzle or you just aren’t quite sure which idea to move forward with. If that’s you, then we can clarify exactly which of your ideas are best, we can also brainstorm with you to find new ideas or to plan and refine rough ideas into highly polished commercial concepts.

  • Hiring a Good Freelancer/Agency Workshop


    Thinking of hiring freelancers or an agency? Learn about the way they work, think and act so that you can make sure you not only hire the right ones, but also learn how to position yourself as their best client and get their best work.

  • Competitor & Market Analysis


    What’s the current state of the market and who will be, or is already, taking your customers by presenting a better offer? There’s a lot to learn from competitors and their mistakes, which they don’t always hide. We can help you discover the gaps in your market and the weaknesses of your competitors, whilst learning from what they’ve done well.

  • Products, Services & Pricing


    How are you going to sell your offering? Get it wrong and you could be dooming yourself to a life of never quite seeing the rewards of being in business. We can help you create a logical product/service framework and an effective pricing model that doesn’t create friction with potential customers.

  • Financial Planning & Forecasting


    Probably one of the most underrated aspects of business planning, yet one of the most powerful. Know, with confidence, in what months you’ll make your first sales, break even, reach sales milestones and identify any risky periods to help guide your higher level business strategies.

  • Management & Hiring Planning


    Most businesses are only as good as the teams that operate them. We can help you avoid a scenario where the team you build is unable to successfully handle the challenges that need dealing with, now or in the future. We can also support you in filling any expertise gaps as your growth partner.